My Ray Of Sunshine


Hi everyone.

Today was quite honestly one giant smile. Oliver has been totally happy, no tantrums, no moaning. He has been dancing and being so well behaved since the moment he woke up. We did have a slight incident with my lipstick – he had opened it, attempted to put it on his lips (it was all over his face) and then chewed off the top.


We had to be up and ready fairly early as we had swimming. I was dubious about it as we haven’t been for quite a while and he can get scared when he first goes in the water. He did have a little panic but after 5-10 minutes, he was letting go of me, kicking his legs and running underneath the sprinklers. We spent just over an hour and a half in there and he showed no signs of wanting to get out, he looked like a giant prune.


We got changed and sorted out (I looked like a wet mess) and left to go and have some lunch. We found a cute little cafe down the road from the swimming pool which also had a rescue/re-homing centre behind it which is open to the public.

After a walk around, we found the most beautiful, ginormous rabbit I have ever seen. It was a continental giant – Oliver loved him. We have been talking about getting another pet and if this one was for re-homing, he was mine! Unfortunately after finding one of the staff, he wasn’t. I was gutted.


The place was lovely though. Lot’s of big enclosures, lots of space for the animals to explore, ponds and all sorts, I’ll definitely be visiting again.

As I expected after trying to keep Oliver awake the whole car journey home, he K.O’d the second we got in. I washed the chlorine out of my hair and Matt arrived home so we had some Netflix time and a snack together, usually he doesn’t finish work until late so it was a nice change. We did also both have a nap because clearly we’re mentally in our 60’s.

In case any of you are looking for a new series to watch on Netflix, watch Stranger Things! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it as it’s not my usual kind of programme but it is amazing. I’m hooked already.

We both had a bath, had a beautiful cuddle on the sofa whilst Oliver had his bottle and we watched Thomas The Tank Engine.


Nothing compares to my little ray of sunshine. He gives my life meaning and has made me into a better person in so many ways – the little love of my life.

Thanks for reading!



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