All The Emotions


Hi everyone.

After eventually forcing myself to go to sleep at 4am this morning, it’s safe to say that I do not feel my greatest today. We had a scare last night with seeing a bike and 2 teenagers on our CCTV in our garden (my instant thought was they were trying to break in). We had to set our house alarm off to make them leave. We found out today that the bike they had was stolen and they were attempting to hide it in our garden so I made it my mission to find the owner and let them know. Luckily due to our CCTV they identified who it was and got their bike back – yay! They even came round with flowers and chocolate to say thank you which is the sweetest thing in the world.


Anyway, back to today!

Oliver and I were both extremely tired after the nights antics so we had a quiet morning together. He didn’t seem himself and had a bit of an upset tummy so he was pretty much attached to my leg constantly. We watched Shrek 2, played with Megabloks and had a little venture into the garden, although he definitely wasn’t in the mood for that (major breakdown moment after the photos). He was evidently ready for a nap after that but he’s reached that awful age where nap time is a fight and when he does eventually give in, he naps for what feels like 5 minutes.

Oliver was asleep, Boas was asleep, the house was finally quiet so it was housework time. I thought I’d done a great job until I found the tea-towel in the dishwasher and the crisp packet (oops) that I thought I’d put in the bin, in the washing machine. Total baby brain (it never goes away mums).

To my surprise, Oliver actually ate most of his dinner today.  I’m starting to think it’s the heat that lessens his appetite, just like me! Fingers crossed he starts to eat a bit more now it’s cooling down, or is it? You never know in this country! P.S how cute is this close up of Oliver’s eyes? I’m surprised he didn’t take the phone out of my hand and launch it on the floor and say “Oh”.


We finished dinner, ran little monster a bath, Matt played with him and I sorted out the washing – my life is just a big routine. After his bath, we all went downstairs to watch Chicken Run together which is a family favourite.


Oliver was soon moaning and ready for bed, I took him upstairs and he laid down, put his dummy in, waved at me and has been completely silent since. I’ll take that as he’s asleep but won’t risk going to look. Anyone else do that?

We’re now relaxing, spending time together for once and watching Resident Evil: Retribution, I LOVE those films.

I hope you’ve all had a good day, whatever you’ve been doing!

Thanks for reading!





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