He’s Fussy?!


Hi everyone.

Today was one of the more stressful day’s that I’ve had recently. As it’s a Sunday we decided a lazy day was on the agenda and the weather didn’t look too great anyway so a day indoors it was.

Oliver ate all of his breakfast and was an angel compared to how he was yesterday so we had a lovely morning together playing and having THE most amazing cuddles in the world. Things were great until lunch time..

He has reached it, that stage where he rejects food. Oliver has never been a fussy child and would usually eat what ever was in front of him as he just loves food, not anymore. He no longer likes bread, tuna which was a huge favourite of his, oranges and crackers. Over the last few weeks I had noticed he was becoming more picky but now he near enough refuses to eat what ever I put in front of him. All in all, lunch time wasn’t too enjoyable.

My day was made even better when I noticed Boas having a number two so I went indoors to get a bag (I get all the fun jobs) and guess who decided to walk straight through it? We had a fun time in the kitchen sink. Ugh. I did have a little giggle when I found Oliver in his ball pit watching TV like this though.


On the up side, it’s a Sunday and Sunday’s are my favourite day for one reason – roast dinners! We had chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and cauliflower cheese. Oliver ate more than I expected which was a nice surprise!

Whilst Matt ran Oliver a bath, I tided and done all the boring jobs so I’d have the whole evening to relax. We had an eventful bath, I mentioned in a previous blog post that he likes to walk around in the bath now which is getting more and more often and he now likes to try and turn the tap on/open my shampoo and eat it.

Oh well, he’s got such a cute face that I just can’t be mad at. I put him to bed this evening and didn’t want to leave. I am however looking forward to some me time this evening, I think it’s well needed.

Thanks for reading!




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