What’s In My Changing Bag: Toddler Edition


As I hadn’t done one of these before I thought I better show you all what’s inside that bag that we drag around everywhere we go!

I use this Cath Kidston robot backpack and have done for the last 5-6 months. I find backpacks easier to use, they’re just as spacious as other changing bags and I enjoy looking like a total wolly with it on my back as it admittedly makes me look much younger than I am, it’s even better when Matt wears it. Pirate George Pig is a well loved addition too.

Fullscreen capture 23072016 213023.bmp.jpg

Inside we have:

  • Keys, of course!
  • Baby wipes, the most multi functional creation in the world and my best friend.
  • A couple of nappies, just in case.
  • Snacks for Oliver, he gets hungry often. Like really often.
  • My purse, another ‘of course’.
  • Oliver’s water bottle, usually left upside down and leaking.
  • Some random toys, usually odd bits of megabloks.
  • Oliver’s hairbrush, he has wild hair most of the time.
  • Antibacterial hand gel, this needs no comment.
  •  Nappy bags, to contain the smelly ones.
  • A bib, I don’t do stains!
  • A spare change of clothes, he usually falls over/smears mud over himself.

That’s all for what’s inside my changing bag! I’d love to hear what’s in yours too.

Thanks for reading!




3 thoughts on “What’s In My Changing Bag: Toddler Edition

      1. Oh yes I so remember that. All the changes of clothes , blankets , toys etc…
        If I did it properly now I’d still have a change of clothes (even larger) , rain Mac, sun hut, shades, umbrella…. Lol xx


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