Loud, Loud, LOUD

IMG_6663.JPGHi everyone.

Today was one of those days where my toddler decided he was going to scream about EVERYTHING. Not being able to wear the dog bowl as a hat, not being able to turn the lights off and on again, not being able to dangle off off the sofa whilst holding my hair. Yeah, one of THOSE days.

We had Matt’s dad over so I decided to attempt to stop the awful noise that was coming from Oliver’s mouth, we’ll go outside. That way he’s shouting into an open space and not my left ear.

We played catch, on the slide, on his cars, we picked flowers but then tiredness caught up with him. Oh, how happy I was to put him down for a nap and have an hour of peace and quiet. I knew he was tired because he was laying like this in the garden, anyone else love taking full advantage of the sleepy stage and getting as many cuddles as possible?


The hour was soon over though and thankfully he got up in what seemed a better mood. We got his Peppa Pig Aquadoodle out and done some drawings (I hope you all appreciate my beautiful family picture I drew) and watched Paw Patrol which is one of my own favourites in all honesty!



Truthfully, after a day of tantrums and having a constant headache, we opted for Fish and Chips for dinner. There was NO way I was going into that kitchen this evening, I probably would have had a break down. Our order if anyone is interested is ALWAYS the same. Matt gets cod and chips, I get savaloy and chips and Oliver will have either fish cake or vegetable burger and some of my chips. You’ve got to love a good old takeaway!

So yup, that was our very loud day. I’ll be honest, I was so excited for bed time and being able to sit down. Hopefully tomorrow is a bit quieter and Oliver snaps out of his bad mood by the morning, cross your fingers for me please.

Thanks for reading!



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