We All Scream For Ice Cream


Hi everyone.

Our day started rather slowly today and I mean SLOWLY. After being awake multiple times during the night because of noises outside, the heat and me just in general being odd, I was extremely tired this morning so we had a lazy morning in our pjs, who doesn’t love those? Oliver seemed tired too – it’s a hard life having an undisturbed sleep!


We eventually got up and ready just before lunchtime and I had some housework to do, so Oliver danced around to Paw Patrol and played with the dog until I was finished. We quickly had some lunch (tomatoes, cheese, banana, those kinda things) and then decided on heading over to the park as Matt was home earlier than usual and the heat was bearable for our dog, Boas.

We had a lovely walk around, met some other doggies, found some pretty flowers and got some ice creams! Safe to say Oliver’s lasted all of 0.5 seconds, as usual. Good old Mini Milks! Matt’s didn’t last much longer either in all honestly. After a long walk and a stop at our local shop for some goodies (oops), we were home. Oliver went straight out into the garden to play with the dog and his slide until he heard the rustling of a bag, came indoors and had a snack to stop the crying because he saw dishwasher tablets instead of a chocolate cake come from inside the said bag, (why can’t bags be quiet?!). Excuse the child with food all over his face.


Oliver needed some wind down time after his snack as he’d gotten so hot from being outside for quite a long time and burning so much energy so we came inside, I done some blog-type stuff and started preparing dinner. On tonight’s menu is sausages and mash, a well loved, well over had favourite in this house! I always seem to love the idea, cook it, put it on my plate and suddenly go off it – anyone else? Meh. I’ll just eat the entire contents of the cupboards later.

Although today was slow and not majorly exciting, these are the days I love the most. No pressure to get up and get out the door for a certain time, letting Oliver do what he pleases and not having to do a million and one things in one day! Oh, how I wish every day was like that.

P.S how cute is my new notebook and pen that I write all my blogging ideas down in? Organisation is the key!


Thanks for reading!





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