Sun, Seaside And Smiles


Hi everyone.

Today was an early start. Don’t you just love those? It was also typical that Oliver decided to have a lay in and not wake up until 8:45 when we had to leave at 9:30 (this also meant I didn’t leave my bed until he did).

We had decided on a trip to the beach as the weather wasn’t unbearable but was still hot enough to go in the sea. We went to a beach called Joss Bay which is a much quieter beach compared to the other ones in the towns near us.

We brought lunch with us, got a bucket and spade and found a place to perch for a while. Little did I know my child would by no means want to actually go in the sea and would have a full on melt down every time his toe touched the water.

He was however more than happy to have his bucket full of water and play with that and sneakily try and shove sand in his mouth every few minutes. Typical boy.

As Oliver wouldn’t go in the water, I decided to have a little paddle by myself. I’ve always loved being at the beach, mainly because it’s so calming but the sea breeze always makes little monster ready for a nap the second we get home!

A paddle, some sandcastles (mostly fails) and a game of burying my feet later, we decided to leave. I always love going to the beach until you leave – getting sand off of a toddler is near on impossible but we managed it.

On the way home we had a quick pit stop at Costa for a drink and a snack, Oliver chose a chocolate brownie of course and I had a chocolate muffin, my healthy eating is clearly going great. I’ll start again tomorrow.


After Oliver covering the contents of our table and the floor with brownie we went to leave. Then I saw it.. The Matalan 70% of sale. Damn you sales. We found so many goodies though, beautiful summery t-shirts for Oliver, bedding and matching pillows and other cute bits. Safe to say I was pleased with my purchases!


Finally we headed home. As I thought, Oliver conked out as soon as we got in so I had a shower to de-sand myself and changed our bed covers as I couldn’t resist. I caught up on some American Horror Story, had a glass of rose and Oliver awoke from what felt like the shortest nap in the world.

We ate dinner (Oliver threw most of his on the floor/the dog), Oliver had a bath to also de-sand and got settled for bed after spilling water everywhere and attempting to climb inside his chest of drawers, again.

Thanks for reading!



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