Nothing Could Compare


Hi everyone.

After checking the weather multiple times, the weather didn’t look too great today however I was definitely excited for it to cool down a bit! Mainly so I didn’t have such a moany child and I wouldn’t have to go to the fridge and stand there with the door open 20 times a day.

We had our weetabix, got ready and had a morning indoors doing number games and some reading. It was at this point I realised it was pretty much the same heat as yesterday and I was going to sweat half to death again, woo!

What do you do when you’re boiling hot, hating life and have a toddler? Go to the park. Yup.

I knew at least this way Oliver could burn some energy, play with other children and enjoy himself. Luckily our park has a huge shaded area so none of the play equipment was too hot for him. Whilst pushing monster on the swings for what felt like an eternity, a little girl went on to the bigger swings and started chatting to us. She was asking how old Oliver was and if he liked the slide, she was so sweet and of course Oliver loved her (he loves every female he meets)!

We got home, had an ice lolly each and I had to put on dinner. We had cottage pie, a nice cold drink and went up for a bath as Oliver was sticky and disgusting. He has a new thing about deciding to stand up in the bath and attempt to walk around, usually ending up on his face so today’s bath time didn’t last as long as usual.

I laid him down in his cot, his beautiful blue eyes looking up at me and I had one of those moments where I realised just how much I love this little human. Nothing could compare to the love I feel. He is my best friend and I know he always will be.

Thanks for reading!




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