The Hottest Day Of The Year So Far


Hi everyone.

Today was the hottest day of the year so far and boy, did we know about it. Oliver and I are huge lovers of being outside in the sun but today was unbearable for us both. Our garden gets next to no breeze so we were baking! Monster was extremely moany also so we decided to spend most of our morning inside playing games and having an ice lolly or two!

We had our lunch and I thought we would head down to the park, it’s breezy and would get us out of the house for a good while. But of course, I forgot about our shopping delivery – I luckily remembered just before we left. Doh. As it arrived, Matt came home and took over entertaining the monsters for a while so I decided to bake some cookies. Random, right?

I have no idea why I would sit there and bake cookies in 29°c heat but that’s me, weird. They did smell and taste amazing though!

Unfortunately for me, Oliver will not wear a hat or sunglasses at any time so I was weary about letting him spend too much time outside. He soon got too hot, made his own way back inside and went upstairs for a sleep. My current thing to do whilst he sleeps is watch American Horror Story Hotel, I am obsessed.


Even though we got our food shopping today, we opted for pizza for dinner. Everyone’s allowed a treat once in a while, right? Oliver and I always have margherita. Fun fact: I don’t eat the crusts!

After another play outside as it was much cooler, an episode of Paw Patrol, a bottle and a cuddle, it was little monsters bedtime. Let’s see how long he takes to go to sleep tonight! Fingers crossed no waking me up 5 times an hour either, usually just to see my face and then going straight back to sleep, little monkey.

This evening is all about some me time, a bath, my favourite programme, a glass of rosé and the cookies I made earlier – yum!

Thanks for reading!



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