Facing His Fear


Hi everyone.

Today was probably the most tired I have been in a long, long time. After getting up at 6am yesterday and Oliver having no nap all day, he was up multiple times an hour all night long due to the heat. Even with his window open, no clothes on and no blanket/duvet in his cot, he would just not settle and I can’t really blame him, it was boiling.

After a shower, some breakfast and a cold glass of Pineapple juice, I felt somewhat awake. Oliver on the other hand did not. I didn’t want to put him down for a nap straight away and wanted to keep him up for as long as possible, so we ventured out into the garden to have a play (after me attempting to make him keep a hat and sunglasses on, my efforts were to no avail).

I remembered that a little while ago, I bought Oliver a mini tent to play in outside so I decided to put that up for him. Oliver has always been a bit funny with confined spaces. He won’t go through tunnels so I was sceptical about him going inside the tent – I was right. He was petrified at first but after some persuasion and me also managing to fit myself inside, we went in! Meanwhile Oliver had left his Little Tikes lawnmower bubble machine on and our puppy was running around the garden like a lunatic chasing the bubbles.


After a while the heat got way too much for little monster, it was 25°c! We went inside, Oliver climbed onto the sofa with his water bottle and sat watching Paw Patrol for a good 35-40 minutes, he didn’t move a muscle the whole time.

After ordering our weekly shop, managing to cook what was left in the freezer before getting our shopping delivered, getting monster into the bath and into bed, I can finally catch up on all the programmes I’ve missed recently. I’m an avid watcher of Eastenders and definitely need to find out whats going on!

Thanks for reading!






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