The Little Things


Hi everyone.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post that Matt and I were off out for the evening – as I had already done my post and honestly came in and went straight to sleep as it was waaay past my bed time, I thought I’d update now. We ended up going out for dinner at an Indian restaurant that we hadn’t been too before and truthfully, it wasn’t amazing but the company was so I wasn’t too bothered. We got back home and as my mum was adamant that it was too early and to go back out, we took our dog Boas on a night time walk. Matt and I used to absolutely love night time exploring before we had Oliver so it was a nice change and brought back old memories.


My mum kept Oliver up as late as she could in the hope that it would get me a bit of a lay in, oh was she wrong. He was up earlier than usual (always the way on a Saturday morning) at 6am and by 8am, he was breaking down and pointing to his cot for a nap. I have to admit, I had one too. We had a lazy day and got some house bits done, played in his new ball pit spent some time in the garden. Oh and I had to tell Oliver off 500 times for putting dog food into the dog water bowl, running into the new living room TV with force a few times and smashing one of my ceramic coasters and then running off giggling. The joys. He did however show me some new dance moves and how well he can now eat on his own with his big boy fork, it’s the little things. ♥

We had the same for lunch, low fat sun-dried tomato and garlic couscous with chorizo and a banana. It went down a treat! He loves trying new things so I’ve been trying to get him used to all different types of foods.

After lunch I really needed to organise Oliver’s wardrobe. He’s in 18-24 month clothes now so a whole new wardrobe was needed, I got these for him a few days ago:


The Gruffalo swimsuit and the 4 t-shirts are from Sainsbury’s and the denim shorts and the Munchkin bath letters are from Asda. I’ve been eyeing up the letters for some time now but as our bathroom is now on it’s way to being finished, I thought I’d give them a try.

After a day of play and some episodes of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, it’s now relax time. Oliver has 2 bottles a day at the moment, one 5oz in the morning and 1 5oz before bed so currently he’s gulping that down before getting snuggled. Let’s hope tonight’s an easy one!

Thanks for reading!



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