My 10 Things

10 Things You’ll Miss About A Newborn


  1. That baby smell. To someone who has never smelt the baby smell, saying “I love the newborn smell” seems gross but it’s heavenly, strangely.
  2. The sleeping. Although they wake up during the night, the amount they sleep allows you to get most things done AND have a nap with them.
  3. The cuddles. Newborns love being close to their parents and you can cuddle them alll day long. I have to bribe my little monster to even sit on my lap now.
  4. The noises. There is nothing sweeter than baby sounds. The first time they do a different sound will melt your heart. Then it turns into uncontrollable screams as they grow up and it’s all downhill from there!
  5. The first things. The first smile, the first grip of your finger, the first explosive poo. It’s all amazing when they’re a newborn.
  6. Keeping them in one place. You can put a newborn onto a play mat/bouncy chair and they won’t disappear anywhere, seriously, make the most of that.
  7. The looks. Oh, those sweet little eyes that look into yours and make you realise you’re the most important person in their world. There is no better feeling.
  8. The clothes. Newborn clothes have a ‘aw’ feeling. They’re all so tiny and cute and you just can’t stop buying them.
  9. The tidy house. As newborns don’t move, can’t really play and therefore can’t cause a mess, your house will remain tidy. I miss that the most!
  10. The faces. Those little chubby faces that have no idea what they’re doing. Are you pooping? Angry? Happy? I have no idea.



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