It’s That Time Again


Hi everyone.

Today was one of those days every parent dreads – the day of cleaning. The day every single thing in the whole house needs to be cleaned and you have a toddler following you around making it even worse than it was before.

The main reason I chose today to do it was because we’re going out tonight (Matt and I) for our anniversary and my mum is coming over to watch Oliver and I’m one of those people that likes to make everything look amazing so people think it’s like that all the time, lol. It’s definitely not.

After hoovering downstairs, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, tidying the front room and Oliver’s bedroom, cleaning out Oliver’s fish tank (ugh) and cleaning the fingerprints of chocolate off of the TV unit, I only had hoovering upstairs to do. You know when there’s 1 thing left but all of a sudden the motivation is gone and you’d rather sit down and eat everything in the cupboards instead? Yup, that’s me. I’ll wait until 10 minutes before my mum arrives and then panic that I haven’t done it.

Matt and I haven’t been out for dinner without Oliver for a long time and truthfully, I’m so excited. No tantrums, no food throwing, no screaming – I’ve forgotten what it’s like! I can have a whole meal to myself with no time limit.

As much as I love my little monster, I also love my big one and we definitely need the break and time together (I need a glass of rosé and a massive chocolatey dessert).

Sorry this blog post is short, my day has been full of the above fun things and I’m now running late. I hope your day has been more exciting than mine!

Thanks for reading!



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