Making The Most of It


Hi everyone.

After being woken up at 5:30am, I decided that instead of having the homey, indoory type day I’d planned as the weather has been so unpredictable, we would spend the day outside as the sky was beautifully blue and clear.

We got washed and dressed, had our breakfast, put on our shoes and as we went to go, Oliver spotted his craft set and stickers on the table, so we decided to do a quick picture before leaving – little artist in the making!


I love everything art wise so I’ll never turn down a chance to be a kid again and do some crafty things with Oliver. (He especially loves painting, more so his face, his clothes and all our household possessions rather than the paper). Also I’m not sure if you can tell, Oliver sneezed on his picture once it was done. Nice finishing touch.

We dug out Oliver’s Little Tikes car out of the garage and he was over the moon! I forgot how much he loved it. We spent ages having a good old play, playing with Boas (our puppy) and exploring the garden. Oliver loves plants and nature so he really enjoys picking daisies, smelling flowers and seeing what he can find to show me.


That lil’ smile gets me everytime. Oh and yours Boas.


For lunch today I wanted to do something a bit different. Instead of the normal lunch we have, I wanted to put a selection of things in front of him. We had mini corn on the cobs, pieces of cheese, ham, some cous cous (his favourite), banana and orange. Safe to say he gobbled the whole lot! He was pretty tired after his lunch so nap time was brought forward slightly – time to throw something together for me. The salted caramel cookies in the cupboard will do.

We spent the rest of our afternoon out in the garden until Matt got home. Then it was time to bath the hound! Always a fun job.. the floor, the walls and the entire house have water everywhere, it’s like a slip n’ slide!

Time to prepare a mundane dinner and crawl into my bed as soon as Oliver goes to sleep.

Thanks for reading!



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