The Weather Confused Me


Hi everyone.

Today wasn’t our usual kinda day. Oliver’s dad usually works 5 days a week, so it’s usually just me and little monster. Today he was given the day off due to lack of work – yay! More help with the monster and puppy, bonus!

We woke up and it was cold, dull and dreary outside so we had a morning of slowly getting ready for the day, playing and having a sort out of the house. We decided to take the little ones to the park so they could burn off some energy, oh boy did they need it.

I personally prefer going out when it’s a little bit colder outside. I hate feeling hot and bothered whilst pushing a pushchair (I can’t wait for the day he decides walking everywhere is more fun). However once our coats were on, we’d left the house and had reached the park, it suddenly felt like I was on holiday. With a top, jumper and coat on and Oliver’s pushchair basket being one of the tiniest things in the world, I wasn’t best pleased. Fitting all 3 of our coats/jumpers in it and running them over 500 times also didn’t help. Ugh.

Anyway, we were there now so regardless of the weird and annoying weather, we enjoyed it. Oliver is obsessed with the swings and slides and climbing things (with my help, of course). He always has a huge, Cheshire cat grin on his face whenever we’re there, you can imagine what leaving is like, ha.


We don’t get much family time together at the moment due to Matt working a lot and working on our house on weekends so I cherished today wholeheartedly and it really melts my heart the way Oliver looks at him. I don’t get looks like that. Boo.

We got home and got Oliver settled for his afternoon nap (Matt had one too) and I finally had a chance to catch up on some TV episodes I had missed. Nothing better than bit of mummy time!

An early dinner, a baby covered in food and a bath later and it’s time to settle down (or in Oliver’s case, become the most hyperactive he’s been all day).

Thanks for reading!





4 thoughts on “The Weather Confused Me

      1. And we’re potty training so all those extra clothes to consider as well, and lunch, bucket and spade, drinks, hats, a couple of random toys he’s stashed, the kitchen sink…endless amounts of “stuff”!!


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