My 10 Things

10 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About


  1. Telling your child off. I’ve been the topic of conversation in many shops as I won’t let Oliver misbehave (if I did, I’d also be the topic of conversation, you can’t win). I’ll let him have his tantrum on the shop floor and not feel a slight bit of embarrassment.
  2. Needing some ‘me’ time. Being a parent is hard work, needing to sit down for 5 minutes or needing an evening off is nothing to feel bad about. You are important too!
  3. Cooking a rubbish dinner. There have been days where I’ve been up to my eyeballs with house work or we’ve just had an extremely busy day, got home late and dinner was nothing to be desired. Fish fingers and chips will do.
  4. Counting down the minutes until nap/bedtime. Lets face it, there are days where you really don’t like your child and you’ll sit phone in hand waiting for that exact minute it becomes acceptable to put them to sleep and the second you do, you think “finally”. We’ve all been there.
  5. Not sharing. When we go on a food shop, I’ll buy fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks for Oliver and sneak off down the chocolate isle for myself. I’ll enjoy those when you’re in bed tonight, ha ha ha. You didn’t see anything..
  6.  Not doing the house work. That pile of washing and the sink full of washing up calling your name, it can wait. Today is just not the day.
  7. Not playing with them all the time. Although play time is important for your child and you do love playing with them (most of the time), don’t feel guilty for letting them play alone.
  8. Using the TV as your babysitter. Whether your cooking dinner, tidying up or even just needing the toilet, the TV has all the qualifications to make the best babysitter.
  9. Swearing at your child behind their back. Yup. They’ll be having a breakdown, walk off in a sulk and a quiet whispered “asshole” will soon follow.
  10. Not taking other peoples advice. I believe in following what YOU think is right. Motherhood is different for everyone and all children are different (mine just doesn’t listen whatsoever), take your own advice.



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