Nothing But Smiles


Hi everyone!

Today was one of the most relaxing, happy days I’ve had in a very long time. Oliver had a lay in, all the house work was done and we decided to have a day out so we could enjoy the weather. The plan was to go a wildlife park – after driving for 30 minutes and eventually arriving, it was closed. Typical. So onto plan b!

We were pretty close to a place called Tankerton which has a beautiful beach and cafe so we had some lunch and decided to go for a little explore. It was a stone beach (thank god, sand is my worst enemy) so Oliver had great fun playing with the different stones/shells and throwing them in the water. There were also quite a few boats nearby so we went and had a look at those too. Don’t worry people, no boats where hurt in the making of this blog.


We followed the path up to a little snack wagon then decided to make a move as dark clouds where starting to come towards us. On the way home, we stopped off at a  pub to have a drink and look at the animals they have there. I used to go there as a kid and it brought back great memories for me. There were lots of pigs a.k.a Peppa Pigs and little ducks to keep Oliver occupied. I’m not usually a drinker but after a long day, I opted for an amaretto and coke, I’m living life to the fullest today.


After all the fun and games, Oliver was ready for a nap (and so was I truthfully) so we headed home after a quick pit stop at Asda. This is never a good idea for me, I walk down the children and home isles and somehow spend more money than I should. Oh well – I’m sure Oliver won’t disapprove!


I’m waiting on the next rainy day to be able to sit down and do some more crafts with the little monster. He loves making a mess so it should be great fun.

I hope your day has been a happy one. P.S I also managed to cut the grass in our back garden, how organised and motivated am I?!.. still not very. I’ll sort it out properly one day this week or maybe next year.


Thanks for reading!



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