That Monday Feeling


Hi everyone.

Today was one of those days that you gently plod through and hope for the best – basically, I slept like sh*t. No sleep + hyperactive toddler + even more hyperactive puppy was not a good mix (luckily they keep each other entertained).

Oliver usually has 2 naps a day, a short one late morning and a longer one in the afternoon. Not today, he had none which is one of my worst nightmares. You’re just waiting for the moment tiredness hits them and they turn into an angry ball of fire that you can’t seem to put out, even with offering them chocolate.

Luckily Matt came home earlier than usual which means a happy Oliver, play time for them, an earlier dinner – can I get a hell yeah?! and a whole evening together.

When the weathers good (as good as it can be in this country) we spend a lot of time in the garden which is exactly what we did this evening. Playing with the dog, letting Oliver explore which he loves to do and then I remembered that my dad had surprised me with some plants a while back and to my amazement they were flowering! This may seem small to you but for someone that can barely keep a goldfish alive this was a big deal. Admittedly it’s alive due to the rain and it’s own self belief, not my input whatsoever.. But oh well!


I am just waiting for day Oliver decides to investigate this pot.. Flowers + toddlers = nope. R.I.P flowers.

Oliver’s now in bed, we’re relaxing on the sofa and will probably be doing exactly that for the next few hours, oh I love bedtime. Clear skies, beautiful weather, beautiful family = happy Lauren. I love these summer evenings.

Thanks for reading!



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