My 10 Things

10 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives


  1. Go on a holiday/short break. Although holidays with kids are also exciting and fun, you should enjoy one last trip alone/with your partner before your life is changed forever – even for the weekend.
  2. Make the most of your sleep. Oh boy, I wish I’d done this one – lay ins were my best friend.. I miss you.
  3. Spend time with other children. I loved this idea as it taught me how to handle children, how to play with them and in general keep them alive which is always handy.
  4. Enjoy your alone time. Seriously, enjoy it. I can’t even go to the toilet now without Oliver coming in and either watching, doing something he shouldn’t be so I have to stop mid wee or wanting a cuddle. Make the most of having a long, relaxing bath too – mine now consist of things being thrown at me or a screaming toddler having an emotional break down because I won’t bring him too.
  5. Watch all of your favourite films/TV programmes. Soon CBeebies will become your life and if you dare to turn it off all hell will break lose. (You’ll often find yourself watching it when they’re out of the room or having a nap.. Or is that just me?)
  6. Save as much money as you possibly can. I had no idea how much children actually cost.. It’s ugly. From toys to clothes to nappies to furniture to food/milk – it’s A LOT. No more are the days of new beautiful clothes – just try to make the most of the old, now vomit covered ones.
  7. Enjoy your meals and take your time with them. Once a baby is around, eating 1 handed becomes second nature and your food will be cold by the time you really start to enjoy it. Oh well, only 15+ years before they move out.
  8. Enjoy the tidiness. Make the most of having a beautiful, tidy house because once a baby can move, tidy is no longer part of your vocabulary and no matter how many times you put those toys away, they’ll be straight back out and in every inch of every room (often also in the washing machine).
  9. Pamper yourself. Even just the every day task some women have of applying make-up in the mornings, painting your nails or doing your hair nicely, make the most of those. I barely find time to go to the toilet before worrying about the rest of the household, lucky gits.
  10. Go out to restaurants. They will soon be a thing of the past as timing never seems to work out, it’s like they know.. (or it’ll work out and they’ll be the loudest, moaniest human on the planet, get me home).

Thanks for reading!



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