Having A Bad Day Is Normal


Hi everyone.

I was hoping that today I’d be able to have a nice, positive blog post about the day I had, unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan.

My day started with seeing my other half off to work at the door, baby and dog and all. I then had to deal with my son uncontrollably crying for 10 minutes as his daddy had left the house and that’s the only person he can get away with being a little nightmare with. Now he’s just stuck with evil mummy.

He then calmed down and we had a bath together, always seems like a good idea until you actually do it. Thomas the Tank Engine toys flying at me, splashing, standing up and falling on me.. And whats that floating around? Eeek.

I knew after that it was time to get out of the house, maybe then things will get better. Until half way through shopping for new clothes for me and new clothes for Oliver, he decides to take off one of his shoes and launch it somewhere. Where I have no idea. He looked great with just 1 shoe on, cookie all over him and moaning about how hard his life is.

I couldn’t have been any happier to go home after that drama (and Oliver needed a nap, bonus). We were greeted by my other half and our puppy which was lovely until I saw the stuffing from our puppies bed laying on the floor, give me a breakkk!

Me and Matt (my other half) decided to cook steak for dinner as we’re so romantic, well him, not me. His was the most beautifully cooked piece of deliciousness I’ve ever seen, mine ended up being a lump of raw sh*t, excuse my French. Off to Tesco to get me lovely unhealthy treats Matt goes.

In good news, I just had a call and Oliver’s missing shoe has been found! Best part of today.

For once it’s not Oliver uncontrollably crying, it’s me. For the first time in a long time everything got on top of me, my day, the house work, life in general. Tomorrow will be better. Roll on bedtime.

It may have been a bad day but I’ve kept Oliver alive and I love him regardless of how much he annoys me. You are bound to have bad days, don’t feel bad about them, feel proud you’ve got through them. I believe in you mummy’s.

Thanks for reading!



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