“But you’ve done nothing all day, you don’t work”


This is probably a stay at home mums worst comment to hear.
Although yes, we do get to stay at home with our little ones and maybe drink a cup of luke warm tea that we forgot about making due to the 10,000 chores that there were to do first. Looking after a child (keeping them alive), making sure they’re fed, bathed, happy, in a clean and safe environment and needing to do things such as the washing up, the washing, hoovering, tidying up etc. is not an easy task with a toddler chasing you around, usually with chocolate on his hands.

There have been many times I’ve spoken to mums who go to work and they’ve openly admitted that going to work is their break from their children and they find it easier than being a stay at home mum, that made me realise..

We should be proud of what we manage to accomplish in a day, not feel bad because we ‘don’t go to work’. Don’t feel bad for feeling tired after a long day. Don’t feel bad for needing a break or a sit down for 5 minutes because it’s stressful. I personally wouldn’t change a thing, I couldn’t bare to miss out on Oliver’s milestones and the funny things he does. Don’t get me wrong, I will and do want to work, just not yet. He and I are not ready.

Don’t allow people to make you feel like you’ve got it easy. Life with a young child can send the sanest person doolally! Enjoy them whilst they’re young, enjoy the moments you have with them, even the bad ones because one day they’ll be big, stroppy teenagers that won’t even want to eat dinner in the same room as you.

Thanks for reading!Β 



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