My 10 Things

10 Things Motherhood Taught Me


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  1. You suddenly feel for other parents. You will no longer give a parent with a screaming, breaking down child a dirty look whilst sat in a restaurant because you know exactly how it feels and it’s not pretty.
  2. Nothing stays tidy. NOTHING. Every room is taken over with loud, messy toys that won’t get played with, they’d rather the dinner plates or a sauspan.
  3. You have a new found level of patience. Without it, I think we’d all be pretty screwed.
  4. The colour white becomes a despised colour, so let’s avoid it. After all, throwing all the washing in together makes my life a little bit easier.
  5. Multitasking is now something you’ll manage with no problem. I will load the washing with a screaming child in my arms that’s leaning over to play in the dogs water bowl and unload a dishwasher whilst feeding him and holding his water bottle as I can see it being launched into space if I let him hold it. Good times.
  6. Trust your mothers intuition. There have been many times where my son has not been himself, not seemed right and I have been right in my thinking of that, no matter what doctors told me. Whether they’re tiny babies or teenagers, mums always know when something isn’t right.
  7. Family time is a godsend. When my other half finishes work every day there’s a sense of relief that I’m no longer dealing with the mad house alone anymore. Even if they’re just playing in the garden, I get to go to the toilet without being watched. Yay.
  8. The TV is something you’ll never take for granted. Before I had my son I was adamant that he wouldn’t watch a lot of TV as I didn’t feel it was good for him, oh boy I was in a dream world. That magical machine is how I get my washing, cleaning and tidying up done. Thank you TV.
  9. Plans mean nothing to you anymore. If I arrange to meet someone at 9:30, it’ll be 10:30 before we even manage to leave the house. There will be a sudden dirty nappy or the breakfast that wasn’t wanted an hour earlier is now needed before going anywhere. The best one was spending an hour looking for my phone.. Oh there it is, in the dog water bowl, silly me.
  10. Don’t wish their younger days away. They are the hardest, sleepiest times you’ll encounter but they truly are the best. Mainly because they can’t walk yet and that alone is something to enjoy.

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