“Take that out of your mouth!”


Hi everyone, I hope your day has gone as well as it possibly can!

Mine however..

If you’ve got young children you’ll know about the “take that out of your mouth, don’t put that in there, don’t touch that” phase that they go through, that phase is Oliver.

TAfter getting every dog toy out of the dog bowl twice, maybe even three times I then had to fish out a piece of Oliver’s puzzle from the bin.. That was full of things you’d rather not put your hand in. (And I’d bought the puzzle yesterday)

He then however came up to me, gave me a cuddle and a kiss to somewhat say sorry, how cute right? Until I put his favourite song on for him and my phone ran out of battery.. Hell on earth. There were pieces of the Peppa Pig puzzle flying at me until he gave up with that and laid on the floor making what sounded like an angry animal call.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lovely parts of the day where I think “how did I create such an angel?”

Then he licks the TV, climbs on the sofa, runs away with the TV remote.

In other news, we’ve just been shopping (that time where Oliver wants everything and will make that known to everyone in the shop) and we’ve bought a bin that thank the lord Oliver can now not get into, saying that I do have a mini Houdini.

McDonald’s for dinner as its now past dinner time and we have no time left before getting home, getting the monster bathed and in bed.. Excellent. I hope your day was easier than mine! Hurry up bedtime.

Remember mums and dads, you’re doing fine.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on ““Take that out of your mouth!”

  1. It’s so funny when your little ones can behave like absolute terrors and then suddenly hug you and all is forgiven. Oh, the power of the kiddie hug!

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Will be reading your posts.


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