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Hi everyone.

I’m Lauren, a 20 year old mum to a lovely (most of the time) little boy named Oliver.

This blog is to document all the good, the bad and the ugly days of surviving motherhood and all the ups and downs that come with it.

I have wanted to start a blog from the moment Oliver was born as I felt like it was a roller coaster that definitely needed to be documented – however that couldn’t happen as our lives were extremely hectic and Oliver was quite unwell for the first few months of his life with laryngomalacia.

Here is a run down of our family, just so you know more about us. Oliver is currently 16 months old (and acts like a stroppy teenager). We also have a German Shepherd named Boas who is Oliver’s best friend! My other half and Oliver’s dad Matt is good too I suppose.. When he wants to be! (he needs to load the dishwasher more) and then there’s me!

I hope some people gain some self belief and a sence of relief from this blog that bad days are normal and feeling overwhelmed is to be expected, no matter what your circumstances are.

No one is perfect so lets just try our best.



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